Review of my favorite book! :)

Snow in April is a quintessential Rosamunde Pilcher novel. Like most of her books, this is a classic love story.

The novel is set in Scotland, where Caroline and her brother travel there. Caroline, persuaded by her brother Jody at the beggining of the book decides to take a trip to Scotland to see their brother Angus, whom they haven’t seen for years. So, when a neighbor friend agrees to let Caroline use his old car to travel, they set off for this trip. What happens as snow falls in April in Scotland, that both of them get stuck in snow, leaving them stranded, but not for long. They are almost to their destination when they meet a kind gentleman, Oliver Cairney, who provides shelther and food for Caroline and Jody. They have feelings for each other, but she is engaged to be married soon. The story has a very interesting turn out in the end.

This is a must-read book for fans of love stories. With only 245 pages, snow in April may be the perfect starting point for those readers intimated by Pilcher’s prose. Snow in April is a sweet, touching book, sure to be enjoyed by commoisseuns of love stories everywhere.

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